Mini Paint Set


Mini Paint Set

 This mini paint set contains 8 color paints and a tiny little brush. Definitely enough to make several little masterpieces! The case itself is 2.5" long with a snap-close durable plastic assorted colored (blue, pink, green and yellow) case. This mini children’s paint palette contains eight color paints and a tiny little brush, and it’s small enough to comfortably fit inside a pocket. But you’ll be surprised by just how far it can go. It may be small, but it’s also mighty: The richly pigmented paints are definitely enough to make several little masterpieces.

There’s no question that this mini paint set lets you be as creative as you want to be, whenever you want to be. You can get creative with how you choose to use it, too. Keep it your little secret by tucking a mini paint set into your work bag and bringing it out when you need some color in your life. Or, share the joy by including a mini paint set in your next gift for friends and family. These tiny children’s paint palettes are the perfect pop of color and creative inspiration for gift bags and party favors.

Recommended for ages 5+


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